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About Us

Philip B. Hadler

President & CEO, The Hadler Group, LLC

President, Hadler Public Relations, Inc.

Ian K. Siu

Product Placement Specialist

Fleet Manager

John Y. Hano

Product Placement Specialist

Fleet Coordinator

Adele C. Burk

Product Placement Specialist

Over 40 years of Product Placement Experience and Success

  • Extensive Relationships with Studios, Filmmakers, Transportation Coordinators, and Franchises
  • Continuously Evolving Television and Feature Film Placement Strategies
  • History of Successful Product Placements for Chrysler and its Brands
  • Longevity and Exclusive Representation of Chrysler

Product Placement Services

  • Prominent Vehicle Exposure in Television and Feature Films
  • Create Visibility, Attention, and Interest in Vehicles
  • Raise Brand Affinity and Awareness
  • Increase Consumer Recall and Recognition of Vehicle Brands
  • High Profile Promotion and Marketing Programs Tailored to Each Brand
  • Planning of Placements to Coincide with Launch of New Vehicle Models
  • Capitalize on Celebrity Alignment and Equity
  • Reach Target Demographics via Effective Storyline Integration
  • Specialized “Value-Added” Product Placement Program
  • Enhance Global Value of Brands via Hollywood Dominance of Foreign Box Offices
  • Capitalize on Re-Released Feature Films, Television Syndication, DVD Sales, and On-Demand Viewing
  • NO Cost Product Placements via Long Established Relationships with Studios, Filmmakers, Actors, and Franchises

In Memoriam

Herman B. Hadler (d. 2010)

Founder, Hadler Public Relations, Inc.

Robert W. Hadler (d. 2008)

Vice-President, Hadler Public Relations, Inc.

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